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Size: LT285/60R20

Venom Power Trail Hunter R/T

Venom Power Trail Hunter R/T

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Venom Power Trail Hunter R/T is the max traction hybrid off-road tire that delivers more contact patch with enhanced on-road performance over the Terra Hunter R/T.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 125
Speed Rating S
Load Index 125
Sidewall BW
Size LT285/60R20
Max. Load 3638
Max. Inflation Pressure 80
Tread Depth 16
Rim Width Range 8.5 - 10
Sect. Width 11.5
Overall Diameter 33.5
Revs. Per Mile

Benefits & Features

  • Aggressive Dual Sidewalls Designed to add off-road traction and sidewall, armor also allows you to choose the look that fits your ride best.
  • Off-Road Capabilities Optimized void to lug ratio for harsh off-road conditions delivers unparalleled traction in mud, Snow, sand, and rocky terrains.
  • Deep Tread Design Enhances off-road capability, reduces hydroplaning, and extends tread life.
  • Deep Edge Block Sipes Deep Siping along both shoulders improves handling, stability, grip, and braking in winter and wet surfaces.
  • Shoulder Blocks Uniform squared shoulder blocks that increase the contact patch to increase tractions on or off-road.
  • Smooth Ride Advanced tread pattern and pitch variation reduce road noise for a smooth highway ride.