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Size: 285/35R19
Item: 108780

Nitto NT555RII

Nitto NT555RII

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Nitto NT555RII is a drag radial tire designed to provide competitive performance for weekend drag racers, offering the traction needed to achieve quick elapsed times on the strip while still being compliant for street use.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 103
Speed Rating W
Load Index 103
Sidewall BW
Size 285/35R19
UTQG 100 A A
Traction A
Temperature A
Max. Load 1929
Max. Inflation Pressure 50
Tread Depth 6
Rim Width Range 9.5 - 11
Treadwear 100
Sect. Width 11.4
Overall Diameter 26.9
Revs. Per Mile 773

Benefits & Features

  • D.O.T.-Compliant The NT555RII meets Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations, ensuring it is legal for use on public roads while still offering high performance on the drag strip.
  • Competition Drag Radial Designed specifically for drag racing applications, this tire is optimized for maximum traction and acceleration off the line, helping drag racers achieve quicker elapsed times.
  • Additional Flexibility The NT555RII offers additional flexibility compared to some other drag radials, making it suitable for weekend drag racers who may drive their vehicles on the street between race events.
  • High-Performance Construction The tire is built with materials and construction techniques aimed at maximizing grip and durability under the extreme forces encountered during drag racing launches.