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Size: 275/30ZR20/XL
Item: 203570

Nitto Invo

Nitto Invo

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The Nitto Invo is a luxury ultra-high performance tire. This tire is meant for classy vehicles with owners that have an itch for quick acceleration, hard cornering, and immediate braking.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 97
Speed Rating W
Load Index 97
Sidewall BW
Size 275/30ZR20/XL
Traction AA
Temperature A
Max. Load 1609
Max. Inflation Pressure 50
Tread Depth 10
Rim Width Range 9 - 10
Treadwear 260
Sect. Width
Overall Diameter 26.5
Revs. Per Mile 784

Benefits & Features

  • 3D Multi-Wave Sipes Interlocking sipes allow this tire to brake shorter and accelerate faster.
  • Silica Compound Silica in the tread reduces flex which increases acceleration, braking, and handling performance.
  • Solid Center Rib A solid center rib improves steering, increases ride comfort, and reduces noise.
  • Inner Shoulder The inner shoulder increases the tread's contact with the road which improves stability.
  • Variable Pitch Treads Computer optimized variable pitch treads change the pitch of vibrations picked up from the road in a way that reduces the noise heard inside the vehicle.
  • Reduce Hydroplaning Good water clearance between circumferential grooves.