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Size: 205/55R16
Item: 15556

Nexen N5000 Plus

Nexen N5000 Plus

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The N5000 Plus is an all weather tire built for touring and everyday driving. It Technology built into the tire works to distribute heat and extend the life of the tire.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 91
Speed Rating H
Load Index 91
Sidewall BW
Size 205/55R16
UTQG 600 A A
Traction A
Temperature A
Max. Load 1356
Max. Inflation Pressure 51
Tread Depth 9
Rim Width Range 5.5 - 7.5
Treadwear 600
Sect. Width 8.4
Overall Diameter 24.9
Revs. Per Mile

Benefits & Features

  • Tread Dimples Distribute heat evenly throughout the tire to help resist wear and lengthen tire life.
  • Reduce Hydroplaning Circumferential grooves push away water and reduces hydroplaning.
  • Tread Grooves Tread grooves improve cornering, handling response, and wet traction.
  • Ride Comfort This tire is designed to produce a low amount of rolling resistance which decreases road noise.