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Size: 175/80R13
Item: TL00097200

Maxxis M8008Plus

Maxxis M8008Plus

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Maxxis M8008plus, the tire that takes outstanding to a whole new level! Crafted with tire perfection in mind, this all-purpose specialty trailer tire is engineered to surpass the already-unmatched performance of our beloved M8008.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type
Speed Rating
Load Index
Sidewall BW
Size 175/80R13
Max. Load 1360
Max. Inflation Pressure 50
Tread Depth 9
Rim Width Range 4.5 - 6
Sect. Width 7.2
Overall Diameter 24.1
Revs. Per Mile

Benefits & Features

  • Rib Tread Pattern Reduces hydroplaning while minimizing irregular tires wear.
  • Sidewall Construction Designed to handle heavy loads and increase trailer stability.
  • Inner Liner Compound Minimizes air loss allowing longer optimal inflation pressures.
  • Premium Casing Design Dual cord body adds casing strength to improve durability and toughness.
  • Unique Apex Rubber Design A softer compound that absorbs shock and reduces heat under heavy loads.