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Size: 235/75R15
Item: 1020078

Laufenn I FIT Ice

Laufenn I FIT Ice

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The I FIT ICE is Laufenn's studdable winter tire. It provides incredible performance in snow and ice while maintaining optimal ride comfort throughout the winter season.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 105
Speed Rating T
Load Index 105
Sidewall BW
Size 235/75R15
Max. Load 2039
Max. Inflation Pressure 51
Tread Depth 12
Rim Width Range 6 - 8
Sect. Width 9.3
Overall Diameter 28.9
Revs. Per Mile 699

Benefits & Features

  • 3D Kerf Reduces block movement while driving which improves grip and handling performance.
  • Snow Slits Slits in the tread improve grip on icy roads.
  • Claw Edge The center of the tire features a claw shaped edge which further improves traction on icy and snowy roads.
  • Water Absorbing Holes Holes in the tread absorb water which maximizes wet performance. This also improves ice and snow performance as there is often a think layer of water on these surfaces which are absorbed by these holes while the tire rolls and grips the surface.
  • Aqua Slant A slant in the center of the tire's contact patch drains water from under the tire for better wet driving performance.
  • Rubber Compound The rubber in the tire is optimized wit ha cold weather compound which enhances grip all winter long.