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Size: LT295/70R18
Item: 753006001

Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT

Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT

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Introducing the Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT, the ultimate companion for those who seek bold adventures and crave the thrill of conquering the untamed wilderness. Are you ready to unleash your fearless spirit and explore the great outdoors like never before?

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 129
Speed Rating P
Load Index 129
Sidewall OWL
Size LT295/70R18
Max. Load 4080
Max. Inflation Pressure 80
Tread Depth 21
Rim Width Range 7.5 - 10
Sect. Width 11.6
Overall Diameter 34.5
Revs. Per Mile 602

Benefits & Features

  • Three-ply Duraply Technology Cutting-edge technology involves a tri-layer reinforcement in the tire's sidewall, significantly enhancing its durability and resistance to punctures.
  • TractionGroove Technology This innovative technology enhances the tire's grip on both wet and dry terrains, promoting superior traction and stability.
  • Aggressive Shoulder Design Characterized by large, reinforced blocks and sturdy sidewall lugs that extend onto the tire's shoulder, delivering an impressive off-road grip and resilience against cuts and tears.
  • Large Void Tread Design Wide gaps between the tread blocks, that contribute to superior off-road traction by creating additional biting edges while promoting self-cleaning.