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Size: P245/40RF19
Item: 265021144

Dunlop SP Sport 5000 DSST CTT

Dunlop SP Sport 5000 DSST CTT

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The SP Sport 5000 DSST CTT is a special tire from Dunlop. It features a technology that allows the tire to ride for fifty miles on a flat. It also maintains great traction through any and all weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 94
Speed Rating V
Load Index 94
Sidewall BW
Size P245/40RF19
UTQG 340 B A
Traction B
Temperature A
Max. Load 1477
Max. Inflation Pressure 51
Tread Depth 10
Rim Width Range 8 - 9.5
Treadwear 340
Sect. Width 9.8
Overall Diameter 26.7
Revs. Per Mile 782

Benefits & Features

  • Jointless Band Technology See smoother performance and handling at highway speeds from Dunlop's Jointless Band Technology.
  • Asymmetric Treads An Asymmetric tread pattern helps balance this tire's performance in wet or dry conditions.
  • Run Flat Technology This tire is equipped with Dunlop's Self Supporting Technology which allows this tire to drive for 50 miles at 50 mph while flat.
  • Max Flange Shield The max flange shield protects your rims from curb damage.
  • Combined Tire Technology Combined tire technology lessons the weight of the tire and rounds the shape of the cavity which provides a smoother ride.
  • Twin Cut Steel Belts Twin cut steel belts run the full width of this tire which increases the footprint, handling, and longevity of this tire.