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Size: 265/40ZR21
Item: 03130240000

Continental SportContact 7

Continental SportContact 7

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Continental SportContact 7 is a revolutionary tire that was engineered to help you stick to your dreams while you stick to the asphalt. Whether you’re a passionate racer or a devoted driver, this tire is the best choice for high-performance vehicles. It’s designed to offer an incredible level of safety and control on wet or dry roads. With patented technologies and an innovative tread design, the SportContact 7 delivers reliable performance both on the track and on the road. It’s optimized for speed, traction, and precise maneuverability, so you can take corners like a pro.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 105
Speed Rating Y
Load Index 105
Sidewall BSW
Size 265/40ZR21
Traction AA
Temperature A
Max. Load 2039
Max. Inflation Pressure 51
Tread Depth 8
Rim Width Range 9 - 10.5
Treadwear 240
Sect. Width 10.7
Overall Diameter 29.3
Revs. Per Mile 708

Benefits & Features

  • Adaptive Pattern Adapts to changing road conditions to deliver safe driving on wet or dry surfaces.
  • Harmonized Black Chilli Provides superior performance while extending mileage.
  • Tailor Made Design for a variety of vehicle classes and weights
  • EV Compatible SportContact 7 meets requirements for electric or hybrid vehicles.