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Size: 225/50R18
Item: 15199

Nexen Aria AH7

Nexen Aria AH7

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The Aria AH7 is a safe and durable all weather tire that is especially suited for wet pavement. This tire is built for high speed stability and cornering. In the meantime it produce low rolling resistance and reduced road noise.

Technical Specifications

Tread Type 95
Speed Rating T
Load Index 95
Sidewall BW
Size 225/50R18
UTQG 760 A B
Traction A
Temperature B
Max. Load 1521
Max. Inflation Pressure 51
Tread Depth 11
Rim Width Range 6 - 8
Treadwear 760
Sect. Width 9.1
Overall Diameter 26.9
Revs. Per Mile 750

Benefits & Features

  • Stiff Tread Blocks Improves cornering performance, especially at higher speeds.
  • 5-Optimal Pitch Disperses road noise and reduces pitch to a lower level resulting in a more comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Center Rib Improves straight line performance and allows more even treadwear.
  • Wide Footprint A wide footprint puts more rubber on the road which results in less road noise, better fuel economy, and longer tread life.
  • Reduce Hydroplaning Four circumferential grooves help channel water and reduce hydroplaning.